Smart IoT Platform

A platform dedicated to Smart Home and Collective Housing

Ensure that your Smart Home equipment and services fit together more easily.

Our platform is adaptable to any type of equipment, protocol or data model thanks to its openness and flexibility by design.

Create your services of the future with our technological bricks and RESTful APIs

Rely on us for non-core technological aspects (e.g. connectivity, raw data pre-processing) and for a robust, scalable, secure and evolutive by design platform.

Benefit from previously integrated partner ecosystems, specialising in heating, lighting, windows, doors, shutters and home security.

Expand your offer by relying on a multi-vendor ecosystem with a trusted expertise in the field of Smart Home.

Your data is at the heart of our concerns

We take care to integrate Privacy (GDPR) and cybersecurity aspects as early as possible. Our servers & our tech’ teams are all located in Europe.

Remotely control your equipment and ensure
device management of your fleet with

“IoT Hub”

Aggregate devices, build the twin of your buildings and develop your applications with

“Digital Twin”

Create scenarios and advanced rules with

“Rules Engine”

Collect, process and store your data with

“IoT Stream”

Manage your users and their privacy with

“Access control and Privacy”

Send push notifications, email, SMS with