Rules Engine

Build simple automatic scenarios

Easily create rules between your devices, services and applications

Imagine use cases that will ease the life of your users.

Examples: If there is a battery failure, then a push notification is sent to automatically order a new battery.

If the user comes home at night, then turn on the lights automatically.

If users leave home, then the camera turns on automatically.

Take advantage of the triggers and actions already available or develop your own connectors to multiply the possible scenarios available to your users.

The configuration and management of your rules are available via a standardised API.

Rules Engine

Business rule management

Create complex business rules to automate your actions and processes.
Take advantage of our processing catalogue to enrich your rules and of our actions and triggers catalogue: device event, notifications, actions on device, weather...

Access via APIs

Build and maintain your rules via a layer of REST APIs to facilitate the integration and use of this service.

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