Digital Twin

Capitalise on our Smart Home and Collective Housing expertise and modelisation

Develop your applications with a virtual representation
of your system (building, house, individually or regrouping them in a set…)

A fast, simple and secure way to build your business applications by changing the status or configuration of your twins. Any modification of your Twin leads to the corresponding action in the real world. Any action in the real world results in an update of the twin.

A twin can represent a device, a room, a building or any type of object in your business domain with which it interacts. With the digital twin, you can also enrich your twin with devices provided by third party APIs.

Our building-oriented ontology allows you to simplify the construction of applications and optimize the data for your future services.

Digital Twin

Create your own building topology

Design your own representation of the real world.

Access rights management

Manage the access rules of your twin. For example, the building operator has access to the entire building while a tenant can only handle his apartment.
Create complex access rules based on groups, roles & attributes (time, holiday period...).

Aggregate third party devices or information to enrich your twin

Take advantage of our connector catalogue to integrate third party devices or information/data.

Manipulate your twin through different types of APIs

Facilitate the development of your applications on our REST, MQTT or AMQP APIs.

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Digital Twin
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