IoT Hub

The simplest connectivity for your Smart Home and Collective Housing solution

Securely connect your devices

Integrate most standard IoT protocols (MQTT, AMQP, HTTPS, Web Socket), intrinsically compatible with most connected products on the market.

If you already have an existing infrastructure supporting your own devices, our architecture also allows us to integrate third party gateways connectors to have all your devices available at the same place.

Manage your fleet of devices

IoT Hub provides device management services for the entire lifecycle of your devices: provisioning, installation, remote diagnostic, replacement, software upgrades.

Easily develop your business applications

You can access to different information or controls from/to your devices, in order to develop your business applications regardless of the protocol used on your devices. These services are accessible via a standardised REST APIs layer.

IoT Hub


Manage both device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messages with a high level of service.
High availability, low latency, asynchronous state feedback from your devices and scalable features to build all types of reliable business applications.

Protocol & gateway compatibility

Lean on our compatibility with standard IoT protocols HTTPS, MQTT, AMQP, Web Socket and with an architecture based on cloud gateways.
SDKs for gateways can also be provided on a project basis.

Device Management

Use the service layer to ensure the technical management of your devices via Asset-Management (provisioning of your devices on the platform & software update management), Identity Of Things (identity management of your devices), Device Registry (version, status…).

How to connect

IoT Hub
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