Smart IoT Solutions

Let’s make your digital transformation offers successful together

Designed for B2B partners that wish to create offers for the smart home i.e. specifiers, real estate managers, energy utilities, equipment manufacturers, home builders, maintenance companies, energy aggregators, service providers.

Easily connect your products and solutions, generate more value with your data, offer new types of services and enrich your customers’ experience.

Create, design and operate your services by optimising costs and improving Time-To-Market.

Simply rely on us for the tech part with a full support from the device to the interface and keep the focus on your core business and competences.


Embrace all the connectivity of the IoT world

Our scalable connectivity solutions manufactured
in France (member of the French Fab) include:

  • Standard-based API Connectors to make cloud-to-cloud integrations easy
  • Smart Home gateways to connect with the cloud
  • Ready-to-use products such as connected & white labelled products to manage heating, lighting, windows, doors and shutters, home security etc.
  • Electronic cards & specific software to be integrated into your own products.

Enrich your customer’s experience

Cherry pick the services that fit to your needs thanks to the opening of our platform such as:

  • Remote control of your products and programming from an app
  • Implementation of advanced rules and scenario
  • Consumption monitoring and notifications when a threshold is exceeded
  • 24/7 home security and home assistance services thanks to our joint venture AS2D, fully integrated with our platform
  • Push notifications to enrich your marketing capabilities
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance

The “cherry on the cake”

Our tailor-made solutions:

  • Standard or brand adapted smart phone app for your end-user
  • Support for customised app and business web interfaces
  • APIs and libraries to facilitate integration into third party apps, interfaces or services
  • Vocal interface (Alexa and Google Home)
of our Smart IoT Platform