IoT Stream

Your first step towards big data management

Manage your data streams efficiently

IoT Stream is a data stream processing chain that allows you to aggregate, process & store the data generated by your devices. Based on a reactive cloud architecture, it ensures resilience, scalability and SLA in the processing of your data.

To best fit your IoT use cases, IoT Stream offers a hot & cold storage and a processing layer. The cold part ensures that you have a storage depth of up to several years combined with batch processing capabilities. On the hot side, you can develop real-time data processing.

To integrate with your applications, IoT Stream is accessible via a layer of REST APIs, to define according to your use case.

IoT Stream

Pre-integrated with IoT Hub

Quickly build a collection, processing and storage chain for the data generated by your devices thanks to the native compatibility with IoT Hub.

Data Decoding

Process the stream of uploaded data in order to decode it and convert it into a standard format (JSON or CSV).

Data normalisation & enrichment

Process the stream of uploaded data to clean and standardise the data coming from potentially heterogeneous sources (such as exogenous data of weather forecasts or external temperature).
It can also perform simple processing to ensure good data quality in short timeframe (detection and deletion of "off pattern" data, detection & deletion of data gaps).

Cold Storage & Data Batch processing

Once the data is normalised, store them in a data lake.
They can be stored in volume and on a long-term basis. You can also carry out batch processing to evaluate them using APIs.

Warm storage, Data processing & Event Trigger

Store your data in so-called "hot" storage.
This storage gives you a rich and fast query engine; you can process your data and make them available to applications via APIs and generate events or alerts.

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