Access Control & Privacy

Fine tune the access you give to each user

Manage your users, access rights and privacy with a single service

To build your business applications, ensure a successful user experience, grant users' rights and ensure personal data are protected. You need to rely on a layer of services that can support user authentication, access rights management and privacy management.

Identity management allows you to authenticate your users and devices while ensuring a user experience in line with current standards: self-provisioning, Single-Sign-On (SSO), password reset, device enrollment, authentication with third party identity providers (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn...).

You will also be able to easily manage the permissions of your users and devices based on groups, roles & attributes (e.g. time, holiday periods, manager of a teams versus each member of the team...).

Access Control & Privacy

Pre-integrated with IoT Hub & Digital Twin

Quickly manage the access rights thanks to the native compatibility with IoT Hub and Digital Twin.

User & Device Identity management

Manage the identity of your users and devices by ensuring a flexible and efficient user experience while complying with the latest identity management standards.

Access Management

Manage the permissions of your users and devices based on roles, groups & attributes.


Offer your users a reassuring experience around the management of their personal data.
Propose well managed data processing authorisations, that clearly inform them about the purpose of the processing you are carrying out.

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Access control and Privacy
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